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Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association

Our Association has been using Discover Childcare software for 2 months now. We are very impressed with the software so far. The Discover team were great with the change-over of data from our previous SMS. The Discover support team are very helpful and very quick to respond. It is a very easy system to use and the Help videos and documents are a great way to get you started. The end of month reporting is great and easy to use. There are also many other useful reports we didn’t have access to before. We like the way you can drill into dates, staff and children’s records to investigate issues.

The Administrators in our kindergartens are enjoying working with the new software. We still have more to explore and implement but so far we are very pleased with what we have been able to do. Would definitely recommend the switch to Discover - Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association

Takapuna Learning Space

We have been working with Ewart and the team since Oct 2017. So glad we made the change. They are so responsive to our questions and suggestions. No question is a dumb question and no request is too much but always considered and responded to. Together we are all building a system that does everything we ask, many that we didn't know we wanted saving us time as well as providing us with so much more information. The additional information helps us manage our waitlist efficiently, react quickly to enquiries, and keep track of them all. The KPI's that it tracks helps you manage your business more effectively and gives you a real time idea of how you are tracking and where your efforts should be allocated. - Takapuna Learning Space

Next Generation Childcare

Its very easy to use and if you are stuck you can use the help desk and they get back to you very quickly. - Next Generation Childcare

Murrays Bay Childcare Centre

I can't say enough about the positive change moving to Discover has made for our little centre. The transition from Firstbase/Skagerrak was a little trickier with data transfer but this didn't deter us from implementing Discover as we had heard such good things. Discover have been professional and attentive to our needs at every step of our nearly year long journey with them. The technical support has been second to none and the time-saving and stress relieving benefits of knowing everything is being done correctly have been immeasurable. We love Discover! - Murrays Bay Childcare Centre

Tino e Tasi Preschool Christchurch

Discover is a no brainer! It has streamlined our workflow with childcare administration. The interface and design is so much nicer and friendlier, and the reporting systems are super simple. The discover team hand hold you through the transition from your old system to Discover, and their follow up and ongoing support is great! - Tino e Tasi Preschool Christchurch

Jumpstart Preschool - Barrett

We started using Discover one year ago and what a difference it has made! Not only has my daily data entry time been cut in half, what data entry I do have left to do is so quick and easy. We have four separate centers and I can work from one office and know exactly what is going on in each centre as the ‘dashboard’ has such easily accessible information that is real time. The system is extremely user friendly and if you are ever unsure the help section is amazing. The ‘report options’ are fantastic and you can run so many reports and you have the flexibility to put them in whatever category and order you like i.e. age, name etc. Discover are always finding new ways to update, improve and make life easy for an ECE Administrator. I am so pleased that we investigated, actioned and started using Discover, the process was seamless. Anna Fale Administrator Jumpstart Preschools - Jumpstart Preschool - Barrett

Laugh.Observe.Learn Early Childhood Educare

Discover is Awesome! - Having used APT previously, it has been a breath of fresh air to have a SMS that saves time and has so many added bonuses ... To many to List =) The amazing Support Team are on hand to help with any queries or support you may require... The sign in by Tablet is such a hit with the parents, and having all your nappy/sleep/bottle charts & reports readily available is such a time saver! The Roster & Time sheets are fast and easy to use, and the automated invoicing makes accounts a breeze each week. The Team is always working on updates and features to further enhance their System. I Would highly recommend to anyone starting up a new Centre or simply looking to upgrade their current SMS - once you try it you will never look back! =) - Laugh.Observe.Learn Early Childhood Educare

Small Wonders Child Care Centre

Discover is very simple to use and simplifies a lot of daily tasks. - Small Wonders Child Care Centre

Pukekohe Early Learning Centre

Taking on my role at short notice as Administrator of Pukekohe Early Learning Centre, I was delighted to experience how user friendly and how much easier/faster my workload was by using Discover. In addition, the wonderful support of the Discover helpdesk team has been amazing , always friendly and able to sort out/ attend to any "obstacles" promptly. Thank you! - Pukekohe Early Learning Centre

Caring Kids Childcare

We switched to Discover from another Management System and love the additional features they have. We can print daily checklists and charts, which were previously handwriting, so it is saving us time allowing us to focus on welcoming and settling children in the mornings rather than worry about writing up lists. - Caring Kids Childcare

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